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Glendale CLCThe Glendale\Mountain View CLC is located on the West side of Salt Lake City. The Glendale community is amazingly diverse with students and families representing cultures from all over the world and collectively speaking over different 20 languages. As a CLC of the Salt Lake City School District, the goal is to increase student achievement and adult education by building relationships between the school and community, removing barriers to education, increasing parent engagement within the schools, transforming the relationship community has with higher education, creating accessible educational opportunities and providing programs and services that ultimately lead to a healthier community.

Glendale CLCThe Education Pathways Coordinator (Jarred Martinez, Office of Engagement staff) works at the site approximately 20 – 30 hours a week, which provides the opportunity for students and adults to be met where they're at, not only physically in their community, but validating their current educational attainment and hopes. The coordinator provides free Youth and adult Educational support and works with other partners to continue building capacity of supports and opportunities for community to be engaged.

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