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College On-Ramp Class

Earn 3 Elective College Credits & Prepare Yourself for College

Enhance your first-year academic performance and engagement in college with our College On-Ramp class. By taking this course students will learn how to effectively manage stress, how to select a school, build a close-knit support team, pay for higher education, and write in and beyond college. Cost of this class for high-school students is $5 per credit for a total of $15. Credits are transferable to other universities.

This class consists of 3 modules:

  • Mindset for College
  • Guide to College
  • Communication for College

This course is designed to prepare students for post-secondary education, enable a smooth transition into college, and facilitate success once enrolled. Topics covered will include student well-being and mindfulness, navigating college, and writing in college. This is an online, 3-credit-hour course. You must be a current high school student in order to take this course.

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the different components of well-being and mental health and how to practice behaviors that will help you build sustainable well-being. Learn how to align your strengths, values, and goals and how doing so leads to greater well-being, fulfillment, and success. Learn about and practice techniques and behaviors that will help you manage the effects of stress. 
  • Understand how to navigate different higher education systems. Gain self-awareness about what opportunities you are most excited about exploring. Learn how to select a school, build a support team, and pay for higher education.
  • Understand the expectations for a range of college-related writing, including admissions and scholarship essays, transitioning to college writing, specialized writing in your major areas of study, and writing beyond college (for example, in workplace, community, artistic, and activist contexts).

Important Instructions for Enrollment

Please read the above .PDF for more specific information including eligibility requirements and how to apply!

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Last Updated: 9/19/22