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Meet the Dream Team

Alonso R. Reyna Rivarola


Caffeine-dependent Alonso (coffee sip) searches for inspiration and enlightenment in cat imagery ranging from magnets to calendars. When Alonso is not in the office working with students, you can find him, well, working some more in the community, editing papers at local coffee shops, or playing with his cats, Gabo and Kiwi, and re-watching Parks and Recreation for probably the fifteenth time. NO KIDDING. Alonso is passionate about working with undocumented students and families and seeks to share all his knowledge and experiences with the undocumented community as well as the community at large. In 2013, Alonso graduated from the University of Utah with an Honors B.S. in Sociology and in 2016 with a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership & Policy with an emphasis in higher education administration. (coffee sip)

Brianda de León


You can find Brianda almost 99% of the time cracking a joke or laughing at herself. She was blessed with a great sense of humor. *laughs in Spanish* so you will always have a good laugh when you are around her.  Being a proud Mexicana who was born in Long Beach, California with parents who are from Zacatecas and Guerrero, México she is very connected to her culture and heritage. A ella le gusta hablar en los dos idiomas, but more Spanglish. #arribaloslatinxs. Brianda is a very passionate individual who likes to keep it real and who is very outgoing. Her favorite food is enchiladas verdes so if you want to be her amiga bring her some enchiladas and you’re set. She is a second-year M.Ed. student in Education, Leadership and Policy with an emphasis in Student Affairs. Brianda will be pursuing a PhD (hopefully) next fall and hopes to become a professor/director one day in México to reunite with family. She carries her family’s stories, dreams and struggles along with hers everywhere she goes. 

Mayra Cardozo


Born with Argentinian spice coursing through her veins, Mayra Cardozo is exactly what you need to add some kick to an otherwise monotonous Utah. Thanks to the help of her crazy mother, she was able to treasure and love her Argentinean roots. She has re-watched season two of the office serval times, Pam and Jim are relationship goals. Watching the office without a cuddle buddy should be a crime in at least four states, which is why Vanilla, Mayra’s 56-year-old daughter, (in dog-years people!) always accompanies her in intense cuddling sessions. When in a roller-skating rink, Mayra has been confused numerous times for pink lightning due to the ferocious speed of her bone-crushing skates. With a small family of four, her mother’s dreams have been passed down to her. Family has always been the center of her life, inspiring her to stand up for undocumented student and immigrant rights. She hopes to pursue a career in nursing and maintain helping families as her main focus in life.

Francisco "Paco" Juarez

Research Strategist (Dream Ambassador)

Paco is constantly reminding the masses that J. Cole went platinum with no features and that Martin Luther King would have been on Dreamville. In other words, he admires J. Cole’s work, along with Drake’s, Kendrick Lamar’s, Calle 13’s, and Foster The People’s, among others. When he is not listening to great music, you can find him playing soccer with his friends, or beating them in FIFA. He also enjoys watching the best team in the world, Real Madrid, win the Champions League or La Liga. Paco was born in Veracruz, Mexico, but grew up in West Valley City, Utah. As a DACA recipient, and first-generation college student, he is majoring in information systems (with honors). He plans on using technology as a means to work towards comprehensive immigration reform, and works with the community fighting for immigrant rights. Down the road, Paco aspires to earn a Master’s in Public Policy.


Last Updated: 11/22/17