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Meet the Dream Team

Alonso R. Reyna Rivarola


Caffeine-dependent Alonso (coffee sip) searches for inspiration and enlightenment in cat imagery ranging from magnets to calendars. When Alonso is not in the office working with students, you can find him, well, working some more in the community, editing papers at local coffee shops, or playing with his cats, Gabo and Kiwi, and re-watching Parks and Recreation for probably the fifteenth time. NO KIDDING. Alonso is passionate about working with undocumented students and families and seeks to share all his knowledge and experiences with the undocumented community as well as the community at large. In 2013, Alonso graduated from the University of Utah with an Honors B.S. in Sociology and in 2016 with a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership & Policy with an emphasis in higher education administration. On his spare time, Alonso is working on a Ph.D. in Sociology. (coffee sip)

Luis Trejo

Peer mentor

Luis Trejo *drag queen enthusiast and expert* is an undergraduate student at The University of Utah majoring in Health Promotion and Education. He was raised in Utah, but born in Mexico. You can usually find Luis at his house or at the Del Taco drive thru buying 5 fiesta packs for himself. He likes to get the best of life. He wants to be able to help people achieve their goals in life. Luis' own personal life goal is to meet his role model and savior, Bianca Del Rio, while saving the world from rats and spiders. His hobbies are sleeping, eating, complaining, and bothering people. 


Last Updated: 6/20/18