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outcomes & statistics

At First Star, we will surround youth with a team of adults who are committed to their success. As caregivers, your commitment to this program, and to the youth who participate, is critical.

outcomes we seek to achieve in the 4 year program: 
  • At least 90% of the youth can identify their education rights and appropriate strategies to advocate for themselves
  • At least 90% of youth who participate in four years of Academy programming graduate high school
  • At least 80% of youth enrolling in higher education will identify and enroll in the courses required for a degree
  • At least 80% of youth enrolled in community college will identify the requirements to transfer to a 4-year university
  • At least 80% of youth will identify post-high school employment and/or education goals, and identify and understand how to access the specific resources needed to pursue those goals

At least 4 caregiver workshops will be held during Saturday Academies, dates to be announced. Workshops will address the caregivers’ needs. Workshops may, for example, include the education rights of foster youth, family communication strategies, resources available for foster youth, family communication strategies, resources available to foster parents, and homework supervision.


Last Updated: 9/5/17