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Student Organizations

Our office supports and advises these student groups through providing resources, time, and space. Many of their goals pertain to college pathways for students of diverse backgrounds through community activism, art, and mentorship.

SOMOS Dreamers

SOMOS Dreamers works to raise funds for undocumented/HB144/DACA students who are enrolled at the University of Utah. They sponsor fundraising events where people from the community can contribute to the scholarship funds being collected while encouraging Chicano/a and minority students to obtain a higher education in order to promote higher education for undocumented/HB144/DACA students. These events bring awareness about the hardships and struggles faced by undocumented students who are unable to receive funding from the federal government. The SOMOS Dreamers strive for educational, social, political and economic empowerment of minority students within our communities to work towards retention of undocumented minority students once in an institution of higher education such as the University of Utah.

For more information please contact Dayan Castaneda at Check out their Facebook page too!

SOMOs Students

The Utah Dreamers Advising Corps

The Utah Dreamers Advising Corps (UDAC) pairs with Somos Dreamers to provide underrepresented students information about available opportunities they have in higher education. UDAC/Somos Dreamers goal is to present to first-generation, underrepresented Dreamers and their families outside Salt Lake County, tell our stories and give first-hand experience of being undocumented in higher education.

For more information contact Brianda Galeana at

UDAC Students

Mestizo Arts & Activism College Collective

Mestizo Arts & Activism College Collective (MAACC) is a diverse group of college students who collectively discuss different way to contribute to their communities. The purpose of MAACC is to establish resources, connections, communities, and efforts that create pathways from high school to college for the MAA collective; an intergenerational group of students of diverse academic and ethnic backgrounds concerned about our communities.

For more information, email

Last Updated: 1/19/18