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Education Pathways With The Ute Tribe

The University of Utah and the Ute Indian Tribe value their long and meaningful relationship. The University is committed to encouraging, inspiring and supporting tribal youth to lead healthy lives and to pursue post-secondary education. Toward this end, the Office of Continuing Education and Community Engagement works actively with the tribe to create productive "pathways" that connects the University to the Ute Indian Tribe.

In the towns of Roosevelt, Fort Duchesne and Vernal there are three high schools, three middle schools and nearly a dozen elementary schools that serve Ute youth. There are also 215 children enrolled in Head Start in Fort Duchesne alone, the majority of which are tribal children. These centers of learning on and near the Uintah and Ouray Reservation are the focus of the University's connection to the educational needs of the Ute Tribal youth.

A primary resource for post secondary education in the region is provided by Utah State University through its campuses in Roosevelt and Vernal as well as its course offerings in Fort Duchesne through the Ute Education Department. The Uintah Basin Applied Technology College also has campuses in Roosevelt and Vernal that are a resource for post secondary technical education. The University of Utah collaborates with these institutions to help serve the Ute Indian Tribe.

During the 2015-16 school year, the Office of CECE has helped initiate a new student government at Uintah River High School, organized a field trip for Eagle View Elementary School to the University, and organized several nights of support of college and financial aid applications. We are also in the process of planning summer youth programs that will include overnight stays for students in University housing.


Martha Macomber
Education Coordinator and Educational Liaison to the Ute Indian Tribe

Martha travels to Fort Duchesne area every week in order to explore ways to enhance the educational opportunities of the Ute Indian Tribe.


Hailey Leek
Field Trip Coordinator

As the Field Trip Coordinator, Hailey works closely with the staff at the schools serving the Fort Duchesne area to make the University Campus and it resources accessible to the Ute Indian Tribe.

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Last Updated: 8/23/17