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Success in college can never start too early. From preschool and kindergarten all the way through high school, there are things we can do today that will help prepare our young minds for higher education—no matter what stage they may be at now.

The U's Office of Engagement connects community with the promises of higher education in important ways—through first helping young people IMAGINE and really believe they can go to college, then by mentoring and preparing them through the process, and finally by helping them DO—fostering real achievement though counseling, engagement, and the creation of a safe space to learn and discover.

The University's Community Engagement Locations:

This map highlights the partners with the University of Utah in Community Engagement.

The University augments its own programs and enriches the larger community with its libraries, hospitals, museums, botanical gardens, broadcast stations, public lectures, continuing education programs, alumni programs, athletics, recreational opportunities, music, theater, film, dance, and other cultural events.University of Utah mission statement

The Office of Engagement is diligently working to identify all the connections in the K-12 pipeline from the community to the University of Utah. By reaching out to departments around campus, we have identified where faculty, staff, and students have contributed time and expertise to community. By fully understanding these efforts, University entities will be better suited to more efficiently serve the community, eliminate duplication of services, and fill programmatic gaps.

Check out our new Community Engagement Map to see where the University is connecting with the K-12 landscape. Interested in a campus visit? Check out our Defining Your Path Field Trips page for more information on scheduling a visit.

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