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The Utah College Advising Corps (UCAC) is a college access program founded on the idea that all high school students deserve equal opportunities to enter institutions of higher education. UCAC encourages Utah high school students to participate in the various higher education opportunities available to them through Utah’s eight public colleges and universities and eight technical colleges, as well as programs throughout the country. Our goal is to increase the number of Utah students that enroll in post-secondary education.


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UCAC College Access Advisers guide high school students through college entrance exam preparation, admissions procedures, and financial aid processes to ensure that all Utah students have access to higher education opportunities at the state's nine colleges and universities and beyond.

As recent college graduates, College Access Advisers have the unique ability to relate to students and to serve as both a role model and mentors. UCAC College Access Advisers believe that by giving more people access to higher education, UCAC not only benefits the lives of the students in the program, but has a widespread and lasting positive impact on the state as a whole.

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Nicole Batt, Executive Director


Nicole Batt is the Assistant Dean of the Office of Engagement and Executive Director of the Utah College Advising Corps. As a first-generation college student, Nicole completed both her B.S. in Communication and a Masters in Public Administration at the University of Utah, and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Political Science. 




Rachel EverittDirector

RachelRachel is the Director for the Utah College Advising Corps. Rachel is a first generation college graduate who earned her B.S. in Social Science and Secondary Education at Westminster College and her Masters of Public Administration from the University of Utah.  






Last Updated: 3/17/22