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Education Pathways at Glendale CLC


The Glendale-Mountain View Community Learning Campus (CLC) is located in the Glendale neighborhood and supports over 1,500 students, their families, and local community. The CLC operates as a Community School (Glendale Middle and Mountain View Elementary) and hosts an array of supports for family engagement, youth development, health services, after-school learning and adult education. The CLC is brought to life through the collaboration of community members, staff, partner organizations, educators and students who work creatively with local assets to remove educational barriers and build healthy communities.

The Office of Undergraduate Studies supports this vision as an invested partner by providing Education Pathways Support in a variety of ways, particularly in the areas of adult education and youth development. Our Education Pathways Manager spends 40+ hours on site, working closely with partners & community to build meaningful relationships to create and improve existing opportunities.

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Professional Development Opportunity

The Education Pathways Coordinator provides free educational planning and advising for students or community members by meeting with them in their own community (English\Spanish). Whether looking to enter college, or complete high school, we will work with anyone regardless of where they are at in their educational journey. Some of the adult education programming and opportunities can be viewed in the visual.

The Glendale Community Learning Center will provide a 5-week Professional Development and Career Exploration program for high school age students (ages 15 – 18). This program will meet once a week on Thursday from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM, and is perfect for youth who are looking to gain internship or entry-level job positions. To access the Career Exploration program application, please scan the QR code that is included in the flyer. Make sure to complete the application to the best of your abilities by answering all of the questions provided.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or find out more, please contact Arturo Canela at or 801-213-7563. 


In addition to one-on-one advising, the Pathways Coordinator works as a bridge-builder when relevant between various organizations, people and the University of Utah to create meaningful opportunities and increase their capacity at the CLC. With over 60 partner organizations, these connections and relationships are critical to the ongoing learning that happens at the site.

The CLC values reciprocal engagement opportunities, where interested partners or university students work together to create an environment and opportunity that goes beyond co-location or service learning. Current examples of these practices are the BEACON Scholars Reading Program, Diversity Scholar critical service learning, Westside Leadership Institute, AmeriCorps, and many others where investment in community and student learning is mutual.

If you are interested in creating a partnership to provide support, events, outreach and\or programming in one of the CLC areas that serves the community school mission, please contact our the Glendale-Mtn. View CLC Coordinator Arturo Canela at or 801-213-7563. 



Wendy Petersen Morse, Assistant Coordinator

Wendy has worked with the Glendale community for the last 24 years and has worked at Mountain View Elementary for 12 years. She is the assistant coordinator at the CLC and coordinates youth programs and partnerships.


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